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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for a player to return to the field after a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) incident?

If a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion during a match, that player must complete the Gradual Return To Play (GRTP) Process before getting clearance from a medical professional to return to play. Completed copies of the Medical Clearance form and HIA Club Declaration form must be returned to competition management before the player can return to match play.

A player has received a second concussion this season. Do I need to do anything different for them to return to play?

Anyone suffering two diagnosed concussions within the same season needs to be assessed by an expert before being allowed to return (Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, or Sport and Exercise Physician). 

The normal return to sport process and doctor's clearance will not be sufficient.

Numerous failed HIA’s may result in the NSWRL Chief Medical Officer requesting further analysis

How do I get more knowledge on what to do in the event of a concussion?

The NRL have provide a free online Concussion Management course for all Community Rugby League Participants. The course provides the basics for all members of the Rugby League community to help understand concussion. This includes what it is, how to recognise it, what to do if you suspect a player is concussed and what happens if a player has been diagnosed with a concussion.

Additional resources are also available through and the NSWRL website.

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