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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to complete to coach my team?

All coaches are required to complete a Community Coach accreditation course. This course is split across two components:

- an online module - to be completed before beginning to coach a team. All modules are age specific, and can be accessed here.

- a face to face workshop - to be completed before the 30th June of the current season.

It is also a requirement of the Hunter Junior Rugby League that "ALL" volunteers must have a valid NSW Working With Children Check before registering as a rugby league volunteer. Regardless of whether you are a close relative of a participant or not

you, you still require a clearance:


Apply here:

Where can I find upcoming courses in our area?

All local Face to Face workshops are listed on the NRL Learning Centre.

I already hold a Coaching accreditation, however it has expired/ is due to expire?

The Community Coach Re-Accreditation courses are for Coaches that have an expired Club Coach (CC), International Games Coach (IGC) or Modified Games Coach (MGC) accreditation. The re-accreditation courses are based on the age group you are coaching and will provide you with that age groups community coach accreditation for a further 4 year period. Coaches can complete multiple age groups if the wish. All Community Coach Re-Accreditation courses are free and can be completed online here.

I currently hold a Senior Club Coach accreditation. How can I renew it?

Your NCAS Senior Club Coach Accreditation has an expiry date of four years from its date of issue. At that time you must update your accreditation and reaccredit in order to continue coaching. The expiry date is clearly shown on your accreditation certificate and is available by login into your NRL Learning Centre profile. Reaccreditation of your NCAS Senior Club Coach Accreditation can be completed via this online Application form.

Do I need to register with my club? If so, how?

All coaches must be registered with their local club under the Coach member type, which is selectable at the beginning of the club registration form. Registrations are completed online through The Club Finder will direct you to your local club's registration form.

If you experience any issues whilst trying to complete your registration, the NRL have provided support resources and guides available.

How do I check if my accreditation is up to date?

1. Go to the MySideline Profile log in page

2. Login with NRL account details

3. Select the three lines menu at the top left hand corner

4. Select Accreditations

5. Select the member from the top drop down

6. All linked accreditations will appear in the below table


I completed my course however my accreditation has not updated?

MySideline profiles are automatically updated with accreditation details within an hour of the course being marked as successfully completed. If this has not occurred, return to your profile within the NRL Learning Centre and check the status of your course. If any modules are still showing as Incomplete, these will need to be finalised before your accreditation will display.


Where do I get help if there is an issue with my accreditations?

If you require any assistance, please visit where you will find support articles to assist with common troubleshooting or you can Submit A Request to contact the NRL Education team.

What is TackleReady?

The TackleReady program allows participants to learn correct & safe techniques, preparing them for the tackle version of Rugby League. The six-session program is delivered by accredited NRL TackleReady deliverers aims to increase player confidence and physical competence in all tackling situations.

The TackleReady program addresses concerns commonly influencing parent’s perception towards Rugby League; in relation to their child’s size, strength and abilities. Therefore, the TackleReady Program focuses on key competencies to reduce the effects of varying size, maturation and skill level.

More information on the TackleReady program can be found here.

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School and Community Coordinator - Newcastle

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School and Community Coordinator - Maitland

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